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We Have A Patented Formula for Better Marketing.

At Cirius Marketing, we're on a mission to double the size of 1,000 small businesses.

That means we're looking for businesses to help us meet our goal...& help them meet theirs.

We do it using the Customer Value Journey, our patented formula for building marketing that flat-out works.

With this formula, we take complete strangers & transform them into total evangelists for your brand.

Helping businesses win is our passion...& we're ready to "Get Cirius" about yours.

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Learn Our Strategies For Better Marketing

The Perfect Homepage Template

Our "go-to" template for creating a website for any business. Learn how to create the perfect first impression for visitors so you can compel them to engage with your site.


The COVID-19 Bar & Restaurant Survival Playbook

Bars & Restaurants are struggling due to the panic. Learn our 5 survival plays so your business can survive the pandemic & thrive on the other side.

Next Level Segmentation

Segmentation takes your email marketing to the next level. Learn to segment your contacts into smaller groups so you can target messages toward your leads and customers. 

The Customer Value Journey Workbook

Learn our patented formula for turning strangers into superfans of your business so you can start creating a better journey for customers.

The Anti-Failure Checklist For Outsourcing Your Marketing

Don't hire an agency or freelancer without this checklist! Learn what tools you need to hand over to your marketing help so you can set them up to help you win.

The One Size Fits All Website Template

This resource includes templates for all 6 of our must-have website elements so you can learn exactly how to create a site that makes money.

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The Smarter Website Evaluation

We don't make websites. We make SmartSites. Let us show you how it's done. Schedule a complimentary evaluation to go over your website so you can increase engagement with your brand & create more conversions & sales.


The Better Facebook Ads Evaluation

Facebook ads are already the easiest, most affordable way to put your brand in front of an online audience...but we'll show you how our patented formula can get even better results. This complimentary evaluation will help you create your ad strategy so you can get more clicks, more engagements & generate more revenue online.

The Growth Audit
Get A Comprehensive Marketing Training Session For Just $99

The Growth Audit is our deep dive into your marketing strategy. We'll teach you our patented Customer Value Journey Formula, explore 73 ways to grow your business & give you your first 3 action steps so you can build a better customer experience.

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