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First Of All...
We Don't Build Websites.
We Build SmartSites.

That's Why Websites Are Different At Cirius.

They don't "just work"...they actually do work.

They cut down man hours to get you to your goal, working 24/7 to engage with customers, gather leads, build excitement, make sales & a lot more.

Using our patented formula, they take complete strangers to your brand & transform them into total evangelists for your product or service.

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What Makes Our Evaluation "Smarter?"

Let's face it: Almost anyone can build you a website.

You that guy you know who says he's "great at making websites" & he'll do it for free.

(Spoiler Alert: You get what you pay for).

Or: a bunch of computer geeks in a basement who can code like crazy, but have no actual marketing experience.

These people can make a website that works....but we make websites that work for you.

Smarter websites do the heavy lifting for your brand so you can make more sales—creating awareness, generating leads & turning them into customers.

We craft websites using a Patented Formula to combine technical precision with creative communication, building your brand by telling its story, delivering a powerful & engaging user experience...

... AND delivering the revenues to match!


Here's What Happens On Your Smarter Site Evaluation...

Connect With A Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Learn 73 ways to grow your business so you can see how a SmartSite can help you implement them.

Discover Our Patented Formula For Websites That Work

Understand how & why the formula works you can see exactly what goes into a website that makes money.

Find Out How To Get Started

See how to start creating a new website so you can engage with visitors, provide them with solutions & turn more of them into customers who will keep coming back.


We've got A's for your Q's

First of all...what’s a SmartSite?

SmartSites work for your business to generate more leads, make you more sales & create more valuable customers. They’re your most valuable employee, working 24/7 to create awareness, engage prospects & increase your revenue. A SmartSite is an investment that literally pays for itself.

Using our patented Customer Value Journey formula, your SmartSite will guide your customers on their transformation from strangers to your brand to total evangelists for it.


I have a website already & I’m not sure I need a consultation. How will this experience be different?

This 1-on-1 evaluation gives you the chance to learn how to use our formula to not just create a better website, but grow your business through it. A Cirius Marketing Customer Value Optimization Specialist will be your guide as you explore how to create a better journey for customers as they explore your brand online.    

What’s a Customer Value Optimization Specialist?

Our specialists are certified experts in creating a better customer experience for your brand, building relationships with customers through strategically placed offers, taking them from a less-ideal “before” state to their ideal “after” state. In particular, they’ll show you our Customer Value Journey formula & how it helps your brand deliver the most value.

Will you provide feedback on my existing website?

If you already have a website, we will view it & provide feedback on what’s going well & what can be improved. We’ll also look for opportunities to add in some new strategies & generally make your site “smarter.”  

What else will we cover?

In addition to our Customer Value Journey formula, we’ll go over 73 ways to grow your business & how they can work with your website to engage visitors & compel more of them to buy. We’ll also talk about how generating leads with your website is the easiest way to bring in more customers, automated followup via email & other tools.   

How long will the session last?

Plan for your evaluation to last about an hour. Click the button below to schedule a time. Your Customer Value Optimization Specialist will call at the time of your appointment.   

Are there any extra charges?

No. Cirius Marketing is on a mission to help businesses win, & the best way to do that is to help businesses create smarter websites. We don’t lock up our trade secrets or charge an arm & a leg to learn our formula—we want to equip businesses with these tools so they can experience greater success.  

What happens after my evaluation?

You’ll leave your evaluation with a personalized action plan for creating a smarter website. However, we’re here to support you along the way. If you want to partner with us to execute your plan, we offer web design services that we’d be happy to discuss with you as well.


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