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Why Ad Campaigns Are Different At Cirius

Our patented formula for better ad campaigns takes complete strangers to your brand & turns them into total evangelists for your product or service.

It lets you connect with people at all stages of their journey with your brand, from building more awareness to retargeting them with more offers.

Basically...we take what is already the easiest, most affordable way to advertise & make it possible to generate more leads, make more sales & achieve even higher revenue.

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Creating Awareness Is The First Step In Your Customer's Adventure...

And We Want To Make Sure It's Done Right.

  • We don't just write ad copy—we start conversations.
  • We don't just create video & photo ads—we help customers imagine their future.
  • We don't just run ad campaigns—using a pixel, we mine your data, optimize your ad performance & won't stop until you're meeting your goals.
  • We make you stand out among your competitors & generate revenue to match.

    Simply put: w
    e help your business win.

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Learn how we build ad campaigns to speak to customers at all stages of their journey with your brand.

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We've got A's for your Q's

We are a small business with a small advertising budget. Is Facebook advertising really for us?

Social media marketing is cheaper than any form available. For less than $3 a day, it can expose your brand to more than 1,000 people. It's the only form of advertising that allows you to spend less while gaining more customers. 

Plus, social media creates a dialogue. You'll see customers leave reviews, share your posts & broadcast their experience with your brand across their friends' newsfeeds.

I am already running Facebook ads & I’m not sure I need a consultation. How will this be different?

The difference is our patented Customer Value Journey formula, an 8-step strategy that transforms your customers from strangers to your brand to total evangelists for it.

Since Facebook ads are one of the first places customers will encounter your business, we ensure that this crucial part of the process is done right. A Cirius Marketing Customer Value Optimization Specialist will be your guide as you explore how to create a better journey for customers, introduce them to your product or service or retarget them with future offers.

What’s a Customer Value Optimization Specialist?

Our specialists are certified experts in creating a better customer experience for your brand, building relationships with customers through strategically placed offers, taking them from a less-ideal “before” state to their ideal “after” state. In particular, they’ll show you our Customer Value Journey formula & how it helps your brand deliver the most value.

What does retargeting mean?

While Facebook ads are key to creating awareness, you can also use them to target people who already visited your website. Using a pixel, a line of code installed in your website, you can retarget them with new offers or remind them of a product they previously showed interest in. Visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to return to a website & make a purchase.    

My business is a bar, restaurant or other foot traffic establishment. Can I still run ads?

Absolutely. Ad campaigns can give your customers a reason to visit your business by letting them download your menu, receive a coupon or provide another incentive to bring them through the door.

Why should I choose Facebook advertising over other forms of advertising?

Quite simply, Facebook is the easiest way to accurately track how many new customers you’re getting from every dollar you spend. It also allows you to target ultra-specific audiences, right down to location, gender, age, interests, occupations & more, making it even more likely that you’ll reach your ideal customer.  

My customers aren’t on Facebook. Will this still work for me?

Yes! There are now 2.7 billion people on Facebook, & thanks to targeted audiences, you’re sure to find people who will be interested in what you sell.

Are there any extra charges?

No. Cirius Marketing is on a mission to help businesses win, & the best way to do that is to help businesses create better ad campaigns. We don’t lock up our trade secrets or charge an arm & a leg to learn our formula—we want to equip businesses with these tools so they can experience greater success.

How long will the session last?

Plan for your evaluation to last about an hour. Click the button below to schedule a time. Your Customer Value Optimization Specialist will call at the time of your appointment.

What happens after my evaluation?

You’ll leave your evaluation with a personalized action plan for creating a smarter website. However, we’re here to support you along the way. If you want to partner with us to execute your plan, we offer web design services that we’d be happy to discuss with you as well.  


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